Fans of Real Madrid turned on the club’s superstar due to his record poor form.

The Portuguese football star has not gotten a goal in four games for his side. This makes a record since joining the spanish side in 2009. The fans jeered at him during the 2-1 victory over Athletic Bilbao on Sunday. The result took Madrid to the top of the current La Liga standings, but the fans want more from their star player.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine ‘Zizou’ Zidane says he is surprised at the response from the fans over Ronaldo’s form.
“I don’t understand the jeers but at the same time, I was also jeered and it can happen. The public demands a lot from the players and the Bernabeu is special. Cristiano knows that and is not concerned by it,” said Zidane.

Other club stars have risen to the defence of their teammates. Welsh superstar Gareth Bale claims that Ronaldo is excelling in other parts of the game. Zizou says that he knows that Ronaldo would rerurn to his excellent goalscoring form in no time.

“Of course I prefer if he scores two or three goals per game. But I’m not worried because I know it will happen. He is not making his chances now but he will, soon he will do so and with calmness,” the Frenchman opi ned.

Many have argued that Ronaldo be dropped for a few games so the cut in pressure will help him rediscover his form but the Coach disagrees. Zizou insisted that Ronaldo, Bale and Kareem Benzema would always play if they are fit.

“I have three stars and they are going to be very important for the team. The others may play less but there are still as important to me. There are always going to be some that have less minutes than others,” Zidane acknowledged.

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