Paulo Ferreira: ‘’ Every fan of Chelsea wants Jose Mourinho to remain in charge’’

June 16, 2015

Paulo Ferreira

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Jose Mourinho helped Chelsea secure their 5th Premier League title as the Portuguese coach pushed the team to what was a very impressive season for Chelsea where they managed to stay at the top of the top tier English league for the vast majority of the entire season.

Paulo Ferreira spent a little over 8 years of his playing career performing for Chelsea and has worked alongside Jose Mourinho both on and off of the pitch; Ferreira took the chance to express his thoughts and point of view concerning Mourinho who is considered to be a controversial person.

Former player of Chelsea, Paulo Ferreira said: “When you are at this club you want to win titles and for next season it will be the same. The motivation is to win trophies. He wants to succeed and do well, for how long I do not know. I think everyone at the club wants him to stay for a long, long time. I think everyone would like to see him in control for many years but in football, anything can happen.”

Jose Mourinho has a contract with Chelsea which extends until 2017 but taking into consideration just how impressively the English club has been performing since the return of the Portuguese coach, if more titles are won then it won’t be surprising to see Mourinho receive a contract extension from the head chiefs of the Premier League club.

The arrival of Jose Mourinho was something that Chelsea needed in order for them to spark life into the English club as they had struggled trying to lift the Premier League title. The last time that Chelsea was able to win the English league was back in May of 2010 where they won the 2009-10 season but things changed after Mourinho made his return to Stamford Bridge on June of 2013 and it took him less than 2 seasons to seal the English which is something that Chelsea had struggled to do for the past 5 years.

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