Paulo Ferreira reveals why he stayed for so long at Chelsea

May 25, 2016

Paulo Ferreira

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Paulo Ferreira was a member of the Porto team that won the Champions League in 2004 and ultimately makes the move to Chelsea in 2004.

He was one of the first players that Jose Mourinho signed when he took charge of Chelsea.

The Portuguese defender quickly established himself as an important member of the team even if he was not always sure of starting a game. Jose Mourinho described him as the type of player that will never win a man-of-the-match award but rather as a consistent and hardworking player. It is this quality that will allow him to stay for more than 9 years at Stamford Bridge.

He left Chelsea in 2013 after the London Club decided that his contract will not be renewed. But by then, Paulo Ferreira did not have much playing time and when asked why he decided to stay even if he did not play he replied that he was happy to help. He said that he is someone that never gives up and that he remained at Chelsea so as to compete with the other defenders.

He said that other players like to change club when they are not playing, but he is different. He stated that he wanted to work hard and to show the manager that he can still help the team. He said that this was the reason why he stayed so long at the club even if he had the opportunity to move. For him, it is more important to help the team whenever they need you than just having playing time.

He conceded that other clubs was interested at that point, but he chose to stay at Chelsea. He felt that he could change the manager’s opinion by improving. This is the sole reason why he stayed so long at Chelsea.

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