C.Ronaldo earned 3rd Ballon d’Or Title of his career

January 23, 2015

Paulo Ferreira

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A few weeks ago C.Ronaldo earned his 3rdBallon d’Or title which was rightfully deserved as the Real Madrid star was the most accomplished player in the previous 12 months.

For the past few years, the world of football has turned into a sport where C.Ronaldo and Lionel Messi keep on breaking records and mark their name on the history-books.

The last player that was awarded with the Ballon d’Or title that wasn’t’ either Messi or C.Ronaldo was the Brazilian attacking midfielder Kaka who won it back in 2007 but from there on out it has been a dispute between the star of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The 60 year old coach of Portugal, Fernando Santos believes that this rivalry is useful for him and his team.

“Ronaldo’s individual competition with Messi was a personal reaffirmation that he wants to continue to conquer many personal and collective successes. I know his biggest dream is to conquer a success in the selection,” Fernando Santos said.

This is indeed true as C.Ronaldo has already expressed his desire to continue earning more awards and hopefully even earn the same amount of Ballon d’Or’s as Lionel Messi who has won it 4 times and C.Ronaldo is falling behind. Not only is the Portuguese interested in earning individual titles but also in winning major trophies such as the World Cup and his determination will help Portugal in their quest on winning the World Cup, which is something that they have never managed to do.

Portugal is positioned in the 2nd spot of Group I and are expected to be able to make it to the next rounds of the 2016 Euro’s. C.Ronaldo is motivated to push Portugal as much as he can but the team cannot be reliant on a single player as this is a huge weakness that has affected Real Madrid on a few occasions where C.Ronaldo has been playing at his best and the Spanish club has dropped points in the league.

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