Ferreira part of the Chelsea staff

March 31, 2017

Paulo Ferreira

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Former Chelsea player Paulo Ferreira has stated that he is part of the Chelsea staff at the moment and that he is working as a liaison officer for the players that are on loan.

He said that his responsibility is to monitor the Chelsea players that have gone on loan and make sure that they are improving at their respective clubs. He admitted that this is not an easy job as there are many players that go on loan at Chelsea and that he needs to monitor their performance carefully.

Paulo Ferreira said that he loves what he is doing for the club as he really likes Chelsea. He said that he enjoy the best moments of his career playing for the London club and that he wants to make sure that the younger players develop as much as they can.

The former Chelsea defender said that he also works as an ambassador for Chelsea and that his job is to represent the London club at different events. He stated that this could be a time-consuming task as there are so many different events taking place simultaneously but he enjoys doing it.

Paulo Ferreira said that the club has progressed under Antonio Conte and he believes that the Italian manager will bring several trophies for the club. He said that the players love the manager and that he has successfully inspired younger players to believe in his project.

Paulo Ferreira said that he is happy to be part of this new Chelsea set up and that he loves what he is doing at the moment. He has no intention of moving into management at the moment as he feels that there is too much pressure in the job and also he wants to spend more time with his family.

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