Jose Mourinho statement came after Chelsea Eliminated

March 30, 2015

Paulo Ferreira

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‘’It wasn’t good enough’’ This was part of a statement that Jose Mourinho said after Chelsea was eliminated from the Champions League as they lost against PSG.

The Brazilian defender Thiago Silva scored a superb header in the last few minutes of the match which sealed the victory for PSG as the aggregate scoreboard was 3-3 but the French side won the game thanks to away goals.

Being eliminated from the Champions League gives Chelsea some positive and negative consequences. One of the better ones is that Jose Mourinho and his squad can solely focus on winning the Premier League as they were also knocked out of the FA Cup, they have no distractions or any other tournament besides the Premier League.

On the negative side, there are no English teams competing in any top European competition. If Chelsea was still competing in another competition besides the Premier League this could give the chance for other players to get into the starting XI lineup of Jose Mourinho.

Getting playing time is something that PetrCech desperately wants and the player hailing from Czech has already stated that he can’t continue going through another season in his current situation where all he does is sit on the sidelines.

“I don’t know what the club’s idea will be. It looks like it works well with me and Thibaut as a duo. But that can work for one season only. I don’t want another one like this.”PetrCech said as he responded to questions concerning his near future.

The future of PetrCech will be decided in the summer but Jose Mourinho has already established that his number 1 goal-keeper will be ThibautCourtois and it comes to no surprise considering all of the amazing performances that the Belgium shot-stopper has been making ever since he returned from Athletic Madrid.

Even with the elimination from the Champions League, Chelsea can still emerge with a major piece of silverware and end the campaign in a high note and that’s by winning the Premier League.

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