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May 8, 2014


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Demba Ba’s late goal against PSG not only gave the fans of Chelsea a reason to shout and celebrate as the Premier League club was barely able to scrape past PSG and find their way into the semifinals of the Champions League but the victory also allowed Mourinho on breaking a record that Sir. Alex Ferguson had.

Jose Mourinho surpassed Sir.Alex Ferguson and marked his name on Champions League history as he reached 8 semifinals of the European competition.

Demba Ba came into the pitch during the 2nd half of the match and made a huge difference as he scored the winning goal which edged out the victory for Chelsea and he revealed his satisfaction following the end of the match.

“I’m not out for revenge, maybe Mourinho doesn’t have strikers to his liking but I know that we have three great strikers and I think that a lot of clubs would like to have them.

“I’m happy. I’m happy to have liberated us. I haven’t been given my chance much this season but here I’ve taken it. It’s the first time I’ve wished PSG to lose, and it’s me who scores the goal – luckily for Chelsea’’. Demba Ba said.

Chelsea will now have to lock horns against the team that eliminated Barcelona from the Champions League, Athletic Madrid.

The team of Jose Mourinho is lacking a world class striker at the same caliber that some other clubs have such as: Diego Costa, Thomas Muller, Benzema, or C.Ronaldo. This is one of the reasons on why Chelsea is considered to be one of the ‘weaker’ teams which are remaining in the Champions League.

A few years Chelsea shocked just about everyone around the globe as they defeated Barcelona on the semifinals of the 2011-12 Champions League and later went on winning the entire tournament by overcoming Bayern Munich on a penalty shootout and Mourinho is hoping he can accomplish it once more.

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