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Diego Costa in the Chelsea starting line-up once again this season looks highly unlikely

April 20, 2015

Paulo Ferreira

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The possibility of featuring Diego Costa in the Chelsea starting line-up once again this season looks highly unlikely after the striker hobbled off with yet another hamstring injury in the 2-1 win over Stoke City.

Costa was brought onto the pitch at half-time as the team searched for a winner. It was going to be a gamble by manager Jose Mourinho, who knew that the striker was not 100% just yet. Costa suffered a hamstring injury during the club’s recent 3-2 success over Hull City. Since this injury came only two weeks ago, it would have been touch and go to use the striker against Stoke City.

Just over 10 minutes after being brought onto the field to help the club get a winner, Costa suffered a hamstring injury and it appeared to be much worse than the one he had against Hull. This has raised suspicions that the 26-year-old may miss the rest of the campaign. Mourinho has confirmed that the striker has suffered a reappearance of the injury and that he may miss a few weeks of action. After being knocked out of all the cup competitions, Chelsea only have the league to focus between now and the end of the campaign. Costa is certainly ruled out of the upcoming matches against QPR and Manchester United.Read More »

Jose Mourinho statement came after Chelsea Eliminated

March 30, 2015

Paulo Ferreira

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‘’It wasn’t good enough’’ This was part of a statement that Jose Mourinho said after Chelsea was eliminated from the Champions League as they lost against PSG.

The Brazilian defender Thiago Silva scored a superb header in the last few minutes of the match which sealed the victory for PSG as the aggregate scoreboard was 3-3 but the French side won the game thanks to away goals.

Being eliminated from the Champions League gives Chelsea some positive and negative consequences. One of the better ones is that Jose Mourinho and his squad can solely focus on winning the Premier League as they were also knocked out of the FA Cup, they have no distractions or any other tournament besides the Premier League.

On the negative side, there are no English teams competing in any top European competition. If Chelsea was still competing in another competition besides the Premier League this could give the chance for other players to get into the starting XI lineup of Jose Mourinho.

Getting playing time is something that PetrCech desperately wants and the player hailing from Czech has already stated that he can’t continue going through another season in his current situation where all he does is sit on the sidelines.Read More »

C.Ronaldo earned 3rd Ballon d’Or Title of his career

January 23, 2015

Paulo Ferreira

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A few weeks ago C.Ronaldo earned his 3rdBallon d’Or title which was rightfully deserved as the Real Madrid star was the most accomplished player in the previous 12 months.

For the past few years, the world of football has turned into a sport where C.Ronaldo and Lionel Messi keep on breaking records and mark their name on the history-books.

The last player that was awarded with the Ballon d’Or title that wasn’t’ either Messi or C.Ronaldo was the Brazilian attacking midfielder Kaka who won it back in 2007 but from there on out it has been a dispute between the star of Real Madrid and Barcelona.Read More »

Ferreira Guiding The Youngsters

December 13, 2014

Paulo Ferreira

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Former legend of Portugal and Chelsea FC Paul Ferreira tells the youngsters to chase their dreams and to keep chasing them without losing hope.

He is urging the talented footballers to not loose focus. Some of the best and fresh talents have gathered and are doing whatever it takes to impress the coaches. There are players from 12 other countries and four of the footballers of Cayman. Paulo addressing a large group of some of the most promising talents in football throughout the South America and Caribbean. This session was followed by a training series for a week which was intense. Paulo also told the youngsters that they should always listen to their coach. A coach is a person who will always help them and nurture them. They shall guide them and let them improve on their quality and skills for the game.

Some of the young coaches of Chelsea had come to assist young players in April in Cayman. Players like Zachary Scott and many others like him have got a trip to Sabina Park which is like a dream for many. Zachary is very famous and renowned already. The reason behind this is that he has been a part Chelsea U.K based foundation. These sessions are nothing but small steps to improve their game and also try getting scholarships for some players. Scott has been really looked upon by many for the good work that he has been doing and trying to improve the standards on an overall basis. There shall be games where players shall take part in different kinds of sessions and there shall best player awards. The award for the best player shall be chosen by the players themselves. There are very high chances that the best players will be given a chance at some of the best universities. Paulo has been representing as the club’s brand ambassador. There has not been any trophy club that he did not win with his team for the full nine year time period that he was there which also includes the Champions League in the 2012.

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