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July 28, 2017

Paulo Ferreira


Former Chelsea defender Nathan Ake has declared that his former teammate John Terry would make a good coach when he finally leaveson-field play.

The 36-year old exited Chelsea recently as he wanted more play time. He joined Aston Villa where he is expected to lead the defence line and get a regular shirt.

Ake who played alongside Terry at Stamford Bridge opines that the player would succeed when he goes into football management. He praised Terry and Paulo Ferreira for his quick development into a highly-sought defender

“There were a lot of players who helped me, who were talking to me, at Chelsea but the main ones were maybe John and Paulo Ferreira. JT will make a really good coach.

“He was already writing down what we had done in training sessions and everything just to be a manager, so he was always looking. It’s just the way he interacts with people, the way he likes to help young players,” Ake said.Read More »

Paulo Ferreira believes that Conte can be as dominating as Mourinho

May 26, 2017

Paulo Ferreira

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Former Chelsea player Paulo Ferreira is certain that Antonio Conte can be as successful as Jose Mourinho in terms of managerial trophies.

Even though Jose Mourinho is one of the most controversial and despised managers in the world of football, it´s hard to argue the fact that the Portuguese tactician has been one of the most impressive ones from the past 20 years.

Jose Mourinho and his squad shocked the world on 2004 after claiming successive victories over: Manchester United, Lyon and Deportivo La Coruña before reaching the finals of the UEFA Champions League and facing off with As.Monaco and emerging victorious.

The 54 year old manager has also gone on to win major trophies with: Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

Antonio Conte on the hand has only been lifting pieces of silverware with Juventus after having won the Serie A title for 3 successive years which is actually impressive but not as remarkable as Jose Mourinho´s managerial.Read More »

Ferreira part of the Chelsea staff

March 31, 2017

Paulo Ferreira

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Former Chelsea player Paulo Ferreira has stated that he is part of the Chelsea staff at the moment and that he is working as a liaison officer for the players that are on loan.

He said that his responsibility is to monitor the Chelsea players that have gone on loan and make sure that they are improving at their respective clubs. He admitted that this is not an easy job as there are many players that go on loan at Chelsea and that he needs to monitor their performance carefully.

Paulo Ferreira said that he loves what he is doing for the club as he really likes Chelsea. He said that he enjoy the best moments of his career playing for the London club and that he wants to make sure that the younger players develop as much as they can.Read More »


January 15, 2017

Paulo Ferreira


After ten years since Chelsea football club obtained the record as the second team in the premier league history to have won the title two years in a row, former player Paulo Ferreira, who was a part of the victories at the club, has come out to reminisce about his time at the club.

“It’s always hard after winning the league because other top teams buy new players and increase the quality of their squad, we had a wonderful squad at that time, and there weren’t too many major changes. We knew how difficult it was going to be to retain the title,” Ferreira said.

The former Chelsea defender who played for the second time at the club during the 2005/2006 season recalls the wonderful experiences he had at the club; he has spoken about the key moments in competitions that were responsible for the team’s gradual journey to victory.Read More »


November 17, 2016

Paulo Ferreira


Fans of Real Madrid turned on the club’s superstar due to his record poor form.

The Portuguese football star has not gotten a goal in four games for his side. This makes a record since joining the spanish side in 2009. The fans jeered at him during the 2-1 victory over Athletic Bilbao on Sunday. The result took Madrid to the top of the current La Liga standings, but the fans want more from their star player.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine ‘Zizou’ Zidane says he is surprised at the response from the fans over Ronaldo’s form.
“I don’t understand the jeers but at the same time, I was also jeered and it can happen. The public demands a lot from the players and the Bernabeu is special. Cristiano knows that and is not concerned by it,” said Zidane.

Other club stars have risen to the defence of their teammates. Welsh superstar Gareth Bale claims that Ronaldo is excelling in other parts of the game. Zizou says that he knows that Ronaldo would rerurn to his excellent goalscoring form in no time.
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3 matches and 3 wins, Conte talks about Chelsea’s perfect start

September 23, 2016

Paulo Ferreira

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Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea are all of the Premier League clubs that have enjoyed going through a perfect start of the season as each one of them have claimed 3 victories out of their 3 opening matches.

Chelsea’s Antonio Conte has recently talked about the great start that he and his team has been experiencing and how he has accomplished this task.

“It’s always important to score one more goal than your opponent, but to keep a clean sheet is also important for the confidence of the whole team. When you keep a clean sheet, the whole team works very well, not only the defenders. When we concede a goal, all of the team concedes a goal.

‘’I want to work with my players to improve them and to put them in the best condition. It’s important to keep the last season in our mind, when there is a difficult situation it is important to look behind to find new strength to go forward. We have started the season in the right way.’’ Chelsea’s Antonio Conte said.

Even though Antonio Conte’s debut season as the head coach of Chelsea has kicked off in a sublime form, the Italian coach does not want to get carried away and still wants to remain focused on the day by day instead of longer point of view.Read More »

Paulo An Ambassador For Chelsea Club

July 25, 2016

Paulo Ferreira

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Among the many footballers who ended their career at their heights is Paulo Ferreira.

He had played nine seasons with the Chelsea club and helped the club to win three trophies in the Premier League during his tenure. He ended his professional career in football in 2012-13. Fans of the club still hold him close to their hearts. He was a dedicated member of the club and did not complain even if he was not given opportunities to play as the first team always. The genuine love that he portrayed for the club is hard to find these days among the modern professional players.

It quite befitted the honor that he received in 2014 to be an ambassador for the club. He took up the role of helping out at the Digicel Kick-start Academy that offers training grounds for young players in the Caribbean. He is now on the verge of becoming a fully fledged coach as he serves the role of an assistant technical coach in the youth development program of Chelsea.

If you have not heard or seen him up close, you would not know that he is a soft spoken, pleasant man who was known as a defender in the Chelsea team. Many people often wonder what made him stick to the Blues for nearly a decade, whereas people have moved and changed teams so often.

He had been part of the UEFA Champions League in 2004 after which he followed teaming mates like Ricardo Carvalho and Jose Mourinho to join the Chelsea club. At that time the deal that was struck was about twenty million Euros. Even if he did fall out of favor at times, he remained a loyal servant of the club and gave his all for the defense that he played. The year the contract was not renewed with him was the year he decided to stop playing as well. However, he has been given due honor as ambassador of the club now.

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